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Jodie Liston

3rd December 2018

My 2 year old son started Kelly Mini Sports this term and has loved EVERYTHING about it! His “Coach Shelley” is incredible in the way she interacts with the children and has them hanging on every word and movement she makes. The activities and sports each week are age appropriate, engaging and ever changing so that the kids are always involved, attentive, learning and most importantly having heaps of fun. After only such a short period of time I am amazed each week at the improvement not only in my little boys sporting skill levels but also the development in his communication, listening and team work skills. Our weekly lessons are definitely a highlight of our week and we even play “Kelly Sports” at home! I cannot recommend this program more highly. It is brilliant! Many thanks to the wonderful coaches and coordinator that put such a program together for our future sporting stars!!


Anna Tang

15th November 2018

kelly sports is great for kids under 5yrs it does 6 different sports in 10wks so my son never gets bored. my son learnt so many diffents skills 
coach jarrad is so good with kids.


Kristy Sier

12th October 2018

Highly recommend Kelly Mini Sports


Adela Spirovska

30th September 2018

10 out of 10 for Coach Hannah & Coach Nathan from Kelly Mini Sports in Benowa! 


Renee Pryde

5th September 2018

We were a little unsure if our son at 1.5yrs would be too small/young but Kelly Mini Sports has been the best thing for him. He loves his coach and each week his skill level just improves so much. He gets so excited just putting on his uniform. So grateful there is a program like this that is building a real love of sport in young kids. Highly recommend it.


Alley Taylor

27th August 2018

My little Chicken loves it so much! The coach is amazing & its great Kelly Mini Spors have these to offer. Will keep signing my boy up!


Vicky Abraham

6th July 2018

Thought my 18month old boy might be abit young for it, but I gave it a try and he absolutely loves it!!


Chris McCarty Lisa Watson 

7th June 2018

Luke loves our Friday's sessions, he thinks coach Sam is the best. Has been fantastic for Luke's confidence it's really wonderful to see how far he has come from the beginning. Highly recommend Kelly Mini Sports.


Maria McCrann

9th May 2018

My 2 year old loves it and so do I, is our favourite part of the day. Helps him with coordination. Strongly recommend


Heather Hughs

29th March 2018

My son signed up last term and has had a wonderful time making news friends whilst learning new skills on and off the field. His listening and concentration has improved along with his hand eye coordination. A great activity for boys and girls!!!


Jess Heap

21st February 2018

I was so amazed at how quickly my son opened up to coach Emily at Aspendale Gardens.
Very shy boy to this little boy willing to learn new things!
If you're in doubt, come down and try it out for yourself! You will not be disappointed!
Plus Coach Emily is amazing with all the kids!
Saturday’s are now his favourite day!


Kell Hropic

30th December 2017

My daughter attends the Wynnum service in QLD with Coach Amy and absolutely loves it. She learns a variety of sports and Coach Amy is amazing at what she does!!!!!


Sarsha Chris 

23rd November 2017

Excellent Program! Logan has always loved Mini Sports. It has done wonders for his self confidence and motor skills. Keep up the good work.


Kat McLeod

25th October 2017 

My daughter Georgia has started this term with Coach Kirsten. She absolutely loves it! Coach Kirsten is excellent with the girls and Georgia listens to her instructions. This is a great program and hoping to continue next year too. 5 stars to Coach Kirsten !!!! I highly recommend her ... she’s just brilliant!!!


Susan Hsu

5th September 2017 

The program and the coach are amazing. After the first trial lesson, my 2 yo son just kept asking for Kelly Mini sport everyday. It's a good program to help children build confidence, my boy is more willing to try new challenges now.


Kiree Brown

2nd September 2017 

I highly recommend Kelly Mini Sports, my son loves putting on his sport clothes and going to play every week, he loves the running races, the music, and loves Coach Fiona, she is fantastic with all the kids, spreads her time equally helping them, really encourages them and makes it so enjoyable!


Lucy Shang 

31st May 2017 

My two year old loves going to Kelly Mini Sports. We love our coach Monique in Sydney who is extremely patient with kids and continues to encourage them to try and explore new things. My daughter is also very proud of wearing her uniform (first ever in her life) as it makes her feel like being part of a team. It is a great way to introduce our little ones to various sports, importance of team work and benefits of being physically active.


Suzan Hirsch

31st May 2017

My son has been doing Kelly Mini Sports for over a year and he absolutely loves it! With sports rotating every two weeks, there is plenty of variety and new skills taught all the time - all presented in a fun age appropriate way- with music and a predicatable routine for kids. A wonderful mix of sport, music, friendly professional coaches and cute uniforms- kelly mini sports is our favourite weekly activity. They have just added Rugby League to their impressive list of sports - a wonderful opportunity for little boys and girls!


Jessica Pantos

31st May 2017

My son has only been involved in Kelly Mini Sports for a couple of weeks but so far he is loving it and always asking when we are going next. Coach Adrian is fantastic with the kids and very encouraging! I only have positive things to say about both the coach and the class :)


Kelsey Johnson

31st May 2017

My daughter absolutely loves Kelly Mini Sports every class she starts off really shy then by the end of class she is having the time of her life and can't wait to tell her daddy that night all about what she learned. The coaches are always ready to have fun with the kids and are so helpful teaching the kids the skills they need to love each sport. Love this program great for all kids.


Johanna Petrel

31st May 2017

Kelly mini sports has been the best decision I made for my 2 yr old. It is fascinating to see his face when I tell him it is time for Kelly Mini Sports. He loves every sport, every game, every friend in his group and the coach is amazing, very caring and enthusiastic! We love Kelly Mini Sports :)


Emma Jones

24th February 2017

What a fantastic program. My daughter gets excited whenever we go to Gunnamatta Park (Sydney) thinking its time for sport class. She is developing a great range of sports skills. Coach Monique is brilliant with the kids: enthusiastic and encouraging and so patient!


Kaia Duce

22nd February 2017

Kelly Mini Sports has helped our (nearly) 2 year old son so much. He was quite shy and now happily high fives Coach Jerico and interacts with his team mates. It has taught him to share and follow instructions, improved his coordination and has taught us techniques to teach him new skills (rather than just showing him and hoping he copies). The uniform is great quality breathable material and they all look so cute! Highly recommend these classes.


Toni Campbell

21st February 2017

My grandson and I enjoy our mini sports with coach Jerico not only is it a great bonding time for us both but he has really getting great motor skills and learning how to share. We both look forward to Thursdays in Kallangur, Brisbane! 
Thanks coach Jericho Weston loves giving you high fives and playing ball with you as well.


Jordan Love

16th November 2016
We attend Kelly Mini Sports in Sydnney and my son Max loves learning new sports and giving it a go. He loves giving Coach Michael high fives and loves his sport. Kelly Mini Sports has helped Max improve his coordination and walking. He is now slowly starting to even run in class (not very fast though).


Nikii Kolbe

29th June 2016

My lil miss started off shy and unsure now she asks every morning if she has sports class today... She looks forward to Tuesdays. Her amazing coach Bianca is so patient with all the children.


Bree Stezros

12th April 2016

My almost 2 year old son Caleb had his first class today and had an absolute blast! A very well structured and well delivered class for this age group, kept them interested the whole 45 min. So glad you have come to Wallan, thank you!


Rita Nassim

2nd April 2016

My son James is almost 3, he absolutely loves this program & is always looking forward to his sports days on Mondays in Parramatta! Special thanks to coach Michael for the fantastic job & great effort. 
Highly recommended!


Neda FT

9th March 2016

My daughter ( Clara) is 17 months and loves balls and she's been enjoying kicking, catching and throwing the balls since she started with you guys... She loves giving HI 5 to coach Michael... She loves the background music and enjoys playing with other kids..I've already recommended your classes to people I know and will recommend it to all parents around me with kids agd 1-5...


Leah Davis

10th March 2015

My 2yr old son loves going to 'SPORTS" with coach Mitch and Jeff. Not only is he getting some excersise but learning new skills and interacting with myself and other kids. The coachs are very patient and encouraging. The uniforms are very cute and my son loves showing off his card with his stickers to show his accomplishments. Amazing fun for the kids.


Maxine Carrington

6th March 2015

It is an excellent, fun, interactive positive exercise program. My girls who are 2 and a half love going each week and are learning how to play sports as well as getting exercise each week. The coaches are encouraging, know the children's names and make it a fun 45 mins. We definitely love it.


Cassie Cruttenden

18th August 2014

Such a well run program with a friendly team creating a fun and exciting environment for kids. My son is absolutely loving it and he loves the change up in sport every couple of weeks giving him exposure to a great range of sports. I love that they get to learn about the rules of each individual sport but it's done in a fun and silly environment keeping it age appropriate and the kids keen!



15th August 2014

My 18 month old son loves Kelly Mini Sports! I've been impressed with the way his coach facilitates the class and am I enjoy watching my son learn life long skills such as listening to instructions - not just sport skills.


Melynda 'Chapman' Daley

21st June 2014

We go to the Kelly Mini Sports in Lilydale, Felicity is our coach and she is great with all the kids. My daughter who is 2.5 just loves it.



16th June 2014

We have just completed our first semester with Kelly Mini Sports with our 2 year old son and are very impressed with the skills being taught - sportsmanship, listening skills and how much fun sport is. Our son doesn't stop smiling from the start of the session until the end. The coach engages each child and assists the parents by showing them how to assist their child learn new sport skills. Highly recommend Kelly Mini Sports.



5th June 2014

Kelly Mini has a great variety of sports. The kids are engaged and the programme is excellent.


Kristy Bekker

5th June 2014

My 2 1/2 year old son just loves going to Kelly Mini sports each Monday. The way they teach children of all ages the skills of each sport are great. They are made so fun & changed often so the children don't get bored. The music & songs are a winner too. The skills & manners taught have definitely been adapted into our every day activities eg: "Hands are for High 5's & Hugs". Thanks Coach Tom



30th May 2014

Of all the children's activities we have tried I have to say KMS is our families favorite; the program varies fortnightly keeping the excitement alive for the kids & its wonderful to see them learn the fundamentals of 4 sports & develop their skills & confidence over the year. Coach Tom is excellent in his approach to the children taking into account the various ages & skill levels, making the experience fair, fun & achievable for all. Highly recommend Kelly Mini Sports.


Teresa Pham

20th May 2014

The kids have a great time and learn the basics. The music selection is great. The best thing is the flexibility of the sessions (if you miss a session, you can go to any make up session within the term). For most other activities we do - you lose it!



19th May 2014

My 2.5 year has been going to Kelly sports since it started in Craigieburn in Term 3 2013, he loves it so much. He has learnt heaps from Coach Cameron and Coach Tom. He will proudly show his Dad what he has learnt and will pass on the skills/rules to us so we can play basketball, football, cricket and soccer the "Kelly mini Sports" way!!! I have and will continue to recommend this awesome program to friends.



18th May 2014

My boys (5 and 3) get so excited when they know it's "sports day". This is the third term we've attended and they look forward to each session. The coaches are professional and well trained and the program really does create a love for sport. The sessions are jam-packed and it's a great outlet for their seemingly endless supply of energy. They're learning vital skills but it only registers as fun for the kids. Highly recommended.



18th May 2014

My son has been attending Kelly Mini Sports over the last year and a half and LOVES it!! We had tried other sports/activities and had lots of difficulties with his behaviour, communication with teachers and willingness to participate. Kelly Mini Sports, in particular our teacher Cameron, were able to work with me in a flexible way through lots of encouragement without being imposing and now the smile and jumping that occurs when I say it is sports day says it all. They offer a variety of sports which not only has developed his fine/gross motor skills but also his social skills and ability to follow direction willingly and with enthusiasm. I would, and have already to others, HIGHLY recommend to Kelly Mini Sports!


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