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Blog 2: When Is The Best Time To Enrol Your Little One Into Organised Sport?

Physical activity is an essential part of all of our lives so encouraging your little ones to live an active life from a young age will create a lifelong love of sports – our motto here at Kelly Mini Sports!


For many children, playing organised sports like netball, soccer or gymnastics for example, is a fun way to be active. However, to get the most benefit out of a sport, children need to know a number of basic skills - some of which are dependent on a child’s age.


It is for this reason that you should always ensure you keep your child's age, maturity and abilities at the front of your mind when selecting sporting activities for them to participate in.


Toddlers and preschool aged children are just beginning to master basic skills and movements and any physical activity will aim to develop their gross motor skills and coordination. They will generally be able to run, jump and throw, as well as having some balance. However, they can experience difficulty following directions and judging the speed of moving objects. They also have quite short attention spans and learn best from copying others, hence why many programmes encourage parents to participate.


Some of the best activities for children aged between 1 and 5 are; running, tumbling, throwing, catching and swimming.


If your child is displaying a passion for a particular sport, don’t discourage them. Instead, consider contacting local clubs in your area to find out their recommended starting age and what level of commitment is required. Remember that there’s no rush to get them playing in an organized sports team — your little one will be more than happy playing chasey with you in the backyard until they’re old enough to join a team.


To give your child a taste of different sports and help them develop their gross and fine motor skills while fine-tuning their coordination in a fun and supportive environment, enrol them into one of our programmes!

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