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Blog 1: Ecouraging your little one to eat Healthy

Establishing a healthy relationship with food is super important…the earlier the
better! Healthy foods will nurture your child’s body and help fuel brain development.
Below are some tips on how you can help your little one learn to love healthy foods.
They’ll be besties with broccoli in no time!


Offer healthy options

Being a parent, you have a lot of power when it comes to what your child eats.
Whatever you feed them is what they’ll eat so try to make them healthy choices!
Try to limit their intake of processed foods and always offer healthy snacks when
they’re hungry. Instead of giving them a packet of biscuits, offer them some cut up
apple or carrot sticks!


Have fun with learning

Kids love to learn and they learn quickly so use this stage of their development to
help them learn about healthy eating. You could do little taste tests with them as a
fun way to try new foods and teach them about colours and textures using different
fruits and vegetables. Sharing fun facts is another great learning tool – try googling
some, you’ll get results like; apples are made of 25% air, and fresh eggs sink in
water, whereas rotten eggs will float


Get them involved

Involving children in cooking and baking is a great way to spark their interest when it
comes to healthy eating. Other ideas include taking your mini-me with you to the
local market or supermarket, and if you’re feeling super inspired, grow your own
garden in the backyard with herbs and plants!


Be creative

Making fun food creations is one way to encourage your child to experiment with
healthy food – allow their imaginations to run wild! One of the best ways to do this is
by making faces or creatures with certain foods. For example; cutting a sandwich to
make an owl face, arranging toppings on a pancake to make a face.
Giving foods a fun name is also a great way to create a positive association with
healthy foods. For example; Bronte the Broccoli, Connie the corn, etc.


Healthy eating leads to healthy development and lays the foundation for a healthy
life so it’s important you help your little one on their health journey! We hope these
tips help them learn to love healthy food!

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